“Will you be on your own?” is a question one hears a lot when travelling solo. Whether uttered by a waitress or by the b&b’s host or else by the bus driver (“no… Continue reading

Work, travel, repeat

It happens to all of us – sometimes we pause and wonder “why am I getting up today?” Why am I working 40 hours a week? What is the purpose of this constraining… Continue reading

The sound of silence

For quite a while now, I have tried to keep myself away from silence. After a fulfilling day at work, I eagerly take my bike and ride to some lively place with my… Continue reading

The sun also rises

“So ? Are you at least a bit happy here ? – What do you mean by “happy” ? Happiness is a strong word. – I mean if you have a bit of… Continue reading

Paradis City

I just realised I haven’t posted anything here for 4 months and it’s not acceptable! So much happened in my life these past months and as a lazy girl, I figured I would… Continue reading

BERLIN for two

Two years ago, I had the chance to live in Berlin during 3 unforgettable months. I was very happy to go back there for a weekend and to rediscover this very cool city.… Continue reading

After Italy

I think there’s always a “before/after” each trip. I mean each place you discover changes something in your life. There was definitely a before Italy / after Italy in my life. First reason… Continue reading

Full stop

I’m always amazed at how quickly I fall back into routine. As if by laziness, cowardice, or just habit. The power of routine seems so strong, so unbeatable. I just can’t fight. It’s… Continue reading

Losing battle

I’ve been there, I’ve done that, I’ve seen this. I was there with him, with her, with them, we were happy. I’ve seen this movie recently, “Mistress America”, in which the main character… Continue reading

Sweet dreams

I have this feeling sometimes that I am trapped. I’m here, surrounded by obligations, ties, constraints, choices that I have made, plans that I have been willing to accept. It’s like being in… Continue reading